Providing Interior Design Options for Denver Clients

Fabulous Finds - High Point Market 2017

21-26 April 2017Trends, New Products, What's New

We are constantly keeping our eye out for great design ideas.The Market introduces interior designers, architects, and buyers to thousands of new product introductions a year. Check out our top-picks and fabulous finds...

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Best Sofa Styles Interior Design

Popular Sofa Styles

28th Nov, 2016 Furnishings, Furniture

A sofa is a piece of furniture that seats two or more persons in the form of a bench with or without armrests and is used for seating and entertaining guests. However, we think that the sofa has transformed over time and has...

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Providing Interior Design Options for Denver Clients

Providing Design Options

15th Sept, 2016 Furnishings & Fabrics, Colors

When we work with our clients we like to examine the project in detail so that we can provide you with a solid plan of action and a more accurate estimate of hours and scope. It takes a little time to get the feel...

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Countertops Options in High End Kitchen Design

Choosing the Right Countertop

Choosing the right countertop material can be tough. The deciding factors to take into considerations when choosing the right material for your space are the durability, stain resistance, cost, sustainability, & the heat resistance.

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Neorest Toto Toilet in bathroom designs

Neorest Toto Toilet

The Neorest Toto Dual Flush Toilet is currently the most luxurious toilet on the market which eliminates the need for ever touching a toilet lid by opening by itself as you walk in the bathroom door. If you give it a minute or two the...

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Cool Tile Ideas from Denver Interior Designer

Tile Designs

Need a few tile ideas? Tile installation is a permanent selection so get it right the first time. Drawings can be crucial to communicate your ideas properly to the tile installer to avoid costly mistakes.

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Guest Speaker Colorado Home & Garden Show

Guest Speaker: Home & Garden Show

Are you a perfectionist that is remodeling or building a new home? Learn a few trade secrets that can help you avoid making costly deign mistakes so that you can be happy in your home.

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AC or DC Ceiling Fan Motors in Interiors

AC or DC Ceiling Fan Motors

As more and more people are becoming energy conscience we need to evaluate ways to save. Using a ceiling fan regardless of the motor will help you save on central air conditioning costs. In the summer months...

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Decorative Lighting Selections in Interior Spaces

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting is one of the most important selections to be made when designing a space. Lighting creates mood and atmosphere. When chandeliers, pendants, and/or sconces are turned on your eye is automatically drawn...

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