Decorative Lighting Selections are Crucial in any Finished Space

Decorative lighting is one of the most important selections to be made when designing a space. Lighting creates mood and atmosphere. When chandeliers, pendants, and/or sconces are turned on your eye is automatically drawn to them. It is important to pay attention to the wattage and how much light your fixture is going to produce especially if the decorative lighting provides the main source of light in the space. Typically, recessed lighting provides the majority of lighting in a space and decorative lighting is merely an accent.

Pool Bath with Round Mirror

Keep in mind that Decorative lighting is like jewelry in the room. It is not necessary to match the plumbing fixtures with the light fixtures. Sometimes using different metals and finishes in a space add more depth and interests. Mixing Bronze with Brass is particularly beautiful.

Size and scale are an important factor when selecting a light fixture. It is important not to choose too small of a light fixture. When designers are in doubt, they will lean towards the larger fixture over the smaller option. Sometimes lighting looks cheap if it is too small.

Bathroom sconces are more apealling when they are flanking the bathroom mirror. When Sconces are at eye level or slightly above eye level you will eliminate the shadows on your face that are created from overhead lighting.