Providing Design Options with the Client's Personality

When we work with our clients we like to examine the project in detail so that we can provide you with a solid plan of action and a more accurate estimate of hours and scope. It takes a little time to get the feel of the project and it cannot be done instantly. It needs to be thought out over time. It is important that we work with the client closely in order to establish budget and to make sure that we include the client's taste and style. Once we get a feel for the style we start choosing pieces that are unique and specific to fit the space and the client's needs and desires. As furnishings are being selected, it is important to begin choosing the overall color palette of the space.

Design Option Number 1

Sometimes when sifting through the endless selection of fabrics it can be hard to narrow down the choices to establish a color palette that provides a consistent flow through the rooms in the project. For this particular client, we knew that we wanted a color palette that consisted of blues and off-whites because it was decided early on that the kitchen cabinets were going to be a combination of navy and light grayish taupe. We spent a few days picking up fabrics at a few of our favorite showrooms and brought them back to the office to view them in various types of lighting and even took them outside to view them in a natural setting. We were able to come up with two color palettes with two very distinct styles for the client's review.

Design Option Number 2

Our client likes traditional furnishings but was willing to push the envelope and include a few unique modern pieces to give the spaces a more edgy youthful vibe. Both options are then given to the client so that they can choose which option fits their personality the best. Choosing an option doesn't necessarily mean that they are stuck with all of the items proposed but gives us an idea how modern or how traditional our focus should be. All options we provide can be interchangeable and sometimes we can find more affordable options of similar items in order to stay within a client's budget.