Neorest Toto Toilet

The Neorest Toto Dual Flush Toilet is currently the most luxurious toilet on the market which eliminates the need for ever touching a toilet lid by opening by itself as you walk in the bathroom door. If you give it a minute or two the toilet seat heats up so you never have to sit on a cold toilet seat again. It will take care of all of your bidet needs with customized programming options.

After use, the toilet self-flushes so you never have to touch the handle. The toilet lid will first self close, self flush and then it will even self clean with Electrolyzed water. Electrolyzed water has been a proven disinfectant in food preparation and cleaning and reduces the need for harsh cleaning chemicals. The Toto Toilet has a special glaze that prevent particulaes from adhering to porous, ceramic surfaces.

History of the Bidet

The first written record of a bidet was in the 1700’s in Italy but soon became common in French Palaces in the 1900’s due to plumbing improvements. It wasn’t until 1928 that the system was hooked up to the toilet as it is today. Bidets are in 97% of households in Europe since 1975. They are also extremely common in the Middle East, South America, and Eastern Asia. Most of these people consider using dry toilet paper to clean with as unhygienic. In 1980 Toto came out with the first “paperless toilet” that dries after washing. These toilets are used in 60% of households in Eastern Asia. The popularity of these toilets are increasing in the United States but it is still considered to be a luxury and are mainly installed in high-end residential homes.


Why is it that the luxury of a bidet has taken so long to spread across the United States but it is widespread throughout less wealthy countries? It may be because the United States is relatively modest in comparison to other countries and the discussions of any sort tend to be unflattering. Rather than providing a discussion on cleanliness we continue to use dry toilet paper to avoid the awkwardness of buying a bidet. Some go to the extent of purchasing wet wipes that are not flushable and can clog up plumbing lines.

Obviously the Neorest Toto Toilet is the Creme de la creme of all toilets and that the high-end models don't come cheap but there are options for a more affordable washlet seats that can hook up to any existing toilet and have a lot of great features. As time passes, demand increases and technolgies advance we will begin seeing them in most modern households throughout the country for the health & environmental benefits.