Chicago Loft Rug Selections

16 rugs were delivered to my client's Chicago Illinois Loft so we could look at each one in the space before purchasing. We ended up selecting a genuine hand woven, authentic rug with green, gold, cream, & reds for the great room so the the red tufed sofa would stand more prominent as a contrasting color. When choosing rugs for a space it is important to decide if it is more important to design a room around your rug or if you prefer to find a rug that will work with your furnishings.

Choosing the Right Rug

We prefer to choose the rugs after the furnishings so that we can be more creative in the space. Designing a room around a rug has shown to provide limitations. When selecting the rugs for the loft our favorite had to be the dining rug selection pictured above depicting all of the wonderful colors throughout the entire loft. In the master suite our client loved a genuine hand knotted, 100% silk rug for the master suite with blue, beige, white, & browns to lighten up the space since the window treatments and bedding were in the brown tones.