Hiring a Professional Interior Designer


If you are planning on doing any major construction in the near future it is strongly suggested to hire a professional so a contractor can apply for a permit and so that he/she may collect proper estimates prior to construction. In the state of Colorado, most designers have the ability to create construction documents for most renovations. Even if you believe that hiring a designer is out of your budget some designers are willing will give you on-site advice. Most Interior Designers will charge you a flat fee based on the scope of work or an hourly rate with an additional cost plus percentage on discounted good and services. A typical Interior Design hourly rate ranges from $95 to $200 dollars.

Interior Designers typically create Interior Architectural packages that focus on the millwork, ceiling designs, cabinetry, tile and flooring layouts. The construction documents are all properly labeled with materials and patterns. With these drawings the general contractor can ask several different subcontractors to bid out the project and recieve competetive bidding. Not only are the contruction documents great for bidding, but they can keep all of the parties involved at the same level of expectations. No surprises can equal happy clients and homeowners'.

The best interior designers will not abandon you during the construction process and would prefer to check up on the progress of the job on a regular basis. It is a good idea to hire the professional for a few hours per week during the construction so that they can observe if the design intent is carried through by the contractor. The designer can be there for the contractor in case there are any questions that need to be answered which can lead to less problems in the future.