Indoor Air Pollution

We do everything today from buying organic groceries to eating properly, we've even stopped purchasing toys with lead to keep ourselves and our families safe and healthy but many of us are unaware of the hidden toxins that surround us in our homes. There are hidden dangers that have both short and long term side effects. These hidden dangers may include fumes that come off the stains and finishes of our newly unwrapped furniture, the fragrances being burned from the beautiful glowing candles, the estrogen increasing vapors that are constantly being released from your mattress, stain guard that is sprayed on fabrics, nylon fibers and formaldehyde in our carpets, but worst of all is the foam that is deteriorating within your furniture and underneath your carpet. Not all of us can replace every item in our homes but when it comes time to purchase it is a good idea to think twice on which product you should consider.

Indoor Toxins

Open your windows for a few days when you receive a new piece of furniture, buy naturally scented candles from a health food store, choose a "green" low VOC mattress when it is time to replace the old one, choose a low or no VOC carpet and pad, and think twice before stain guarding your fabrics. Read labels and educate yourself! Chemicals are everywhere and sometimes the only way to minimize them is by opening a window to let the off-gassing escape. If you don't have time to educate yourself let us do the research for you, we can help you find furniture manufacturers that can provide you with green options, specify eco-friendly materials, and low VOC paints while keeping in mind style, design, and comfort.