Space Planning - Office Layouts & Design

Littleton Colorado Residence

Office layout designs should provide an environment suitable for the business needs of the company. It is beneficial to hire a designer who understands how office layouts should be arranged. Below are some of the main points and procedures when designing for your companies needs.

  • MASTER SPACE PLANNING - It is first neccessary to understand and map a variety of possible options of the project to decide which path to pursue and execute.
  • FACILITY PROGRAMMING - We will describe each space by purpose, function, size, proximity, fixtures and furnishings, and utility needs.
  • OFFICE SYSTEMS & WORKSTATION DESIGNS - We will select the proper furnishings, fixtures, equipment and fabrics that coordinate with the finishes in the space. We will schedule storage, setup & delivery of all furnishings.
  • SPACE PLANNING - We can provide efficient Office Layouts we arrange by: department, teams, and/or proximity to supervisor(s) and management.
  • ADA COMPLIANCE - We will guide you in understanding the building codes set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act for public entities.
  • LIFE SAFETY & EGRESS - We can assist you in comprehending egress, life safety codes, and building capacities for your business needs and the safety and welfare of the occupants.
  • FINISH & PAINT SCHEDULE - Let us help you choose the right paint colors & finishes for your space so that they coordinate with the cubicle designs, reception desk, and business logo.